BSc. IT or BSc. Computing

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Which subject should I choose BSc. IT or BSc. Computing? 


Hi Anil, choosing a subject depends all upon you. What is your aim after you obtain the degree, what are your expectations with your degree and what your criteria are for the degree? The best we can do is to advise you on what the degree offers but choosing the degree is solely upon yourself and we can not make a decision for you.

The aim of BSC Csit is:

• To offer intensive knowledge in the theory, design, programming, and application of computers.

• To provide necessary knowledge in the field of functional knowledge of hardware system and necessary knowledge of computer software system.

Whereas the aim of Bsc IT is:

  • to encourages and support, students to undertake an industry-related project which prepares them for dealing with the reality of the future workplace.
  • to help the student learn actual skills that are used in the development field.


However, without a proper detailed question or a valid set of criteria from you, we can not suggest you which course is best for you.