Bank statement and Property Valuation document

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Could someone please tell me whom should the bank statement be addressed to. Should it be addressed to “US Embassy” or should it be generally addressed as “to whom it may concern”. I was also told that we need to show transactions made through the account since the last six months. Is that true? Could you also add some light on this regard.

What is the purpose of the property valuation during visa? Do we have to submit property valuation even if bank savings are enough for covering the expenses of the college?


Yes if your property evaluation shows that you have the asset worth > 4*(X-Y) then you are safe and Embassy wont question you much on how you will pay for the rest of your years.

Good luck.

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ani dai what about property evaluation? Will (X-Y)*4 will work in such case?


Let X=Total Cost of attending the college /year (Tuition+Room+Board+Books+etc)

Let Y= Scholarship you have received/year

Then your bank statement must show that you have (X-Y) for the first year.

If your scholarship changes in the next years, then you are expected to contribute more, however you do not need to have that extra balance when you submit the bank balance sheet to the US Embassy. You must have atleast (X-Y) for the first year. That is it.

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Follow up.question for another guy:

Should our bank statement and property evaluation show our ability to pay the actual cost of attendance or the amount that we have to pay after receiving scholarship and grants package. I assume its the later one but grants and aid are not guaranteed for all four years as we have maintain certain criterion to be eligible for it. So  please solve my query.


The bank statement is addressed to “To Whom It May Concern.” You should just ask the bank to give the statement for your account, and that is what is needed. Do request the bank to show the transactions since last 6 months.

Property Evaluation is required for US Embassy to make sure you do have enough property in the country and will act as a proof that you will be back to Nepal. In some cases it is also a proof that you will be able to support your future college expenses.

Yes you need to have both- Bank Statement and Property Evaluation. Bank Statement must show that you have enough bank balance to support your first year college expense. Your Property evaluation proves that you have enough for all 4 years. For Property evaluation, if you visit one of the centers in front of the US Embassy then they will help you but you do have to pay some amount (around RS 5000). There are CAs (Chartered Accountants) available who help you prepare property evaluation, Relationship Certificate and few other proofs that they too know.

Hope it helps. Shoot another question if unclear.