Are European universities being popular among Nepali students?

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Hello brothers and sisters,
As I am currently undertaking A levels in Kathmandu as in the senior year. As Of today I heard, most of the Nepali students are lured in European Universities so far. Will you anyone able to guide me about the European Universities and prospective for Nepali average grade students? Hope you guys reach me soon!!


Yes, it is true that in recent years many Nepalese students are going to European Universities. One of the main reason for this is that most of the European Universities charge no tuition fees for the undergraduate degrees. But there are two huge disadvantages of choosing to study at European countries. First, most if not all courses are taught in their own language. I know of only one university, JACOBS, where the courses are taught in English. There might be others but i am not aware of them. Second the living cost is very expensive here. Even if you manage to get a placement in a university, your family financial background has to be very strong in order to support your living cost at European countries. It will be easier for you if you have any relatives in a country you choose to study. Your expenses will surely reduce if you decide to live with them.  In UK, there are very very less scholarship in a decent universities for an international student and it is very very competitive. I would recommend you keep an open mind about the American University. If you have a decent grade and if you work hard on your application then you have a very good chance of getting good scholarship at American Universities.