Application Fee Waiver Request letter sample

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Hi. After i came to know about the application fee waiver request letter, i have done a little research and also have googled about it but i am not able to find the actual samples for application fee waivers. The format hasn’t clicked in my mind yet like what should be written and how to prove you are eligible for those waivers.Also the problem is I don’t have a guidance counselor in my college so my A level coordinator is helping me to do the formalities regarding common app and he has no idea about the application fee waiver request letters. And he says if i manage to find a sample for him he will prepare it for me. Also the letter should be in context to our country. I am really in a big dilemma that how do i find it. Please help me and if possible mention the links that contains the samples and formats.



Guidance Counselor’s common app account has an option to upload the fee waiver. But since you do not have a counselor in your school, you might want to request your teacher who is helping you with applications. You will need to send a request to his email id as “guidance counselor” and he should have an option for that. But if this does not work, then you have a backup plan of simply sending to all colleges. And that is actually not a big deal because you can just collect all the email addresses and send the letter to all colleges at once too.  Also I suggest you confirm with the college (after sending the waiver) that the college has accepted it and that they will review your application without admission fee. Because there may be few colleges (very few) who might not accept the waiver.

Let us know back when you hear back from the colleges or if you have questions/concerns in the meanwhile.


thankyou so much daai. If maile different universities apply garirachu vane yo form individually sab university lai pathauna parcha ho? jstai common app bata euta applicaton waiver request letter recommendation sangai upload garda hunthyo. yo case maa chahi mildena testo garna?


I received a reply from NACAC and they have said anyone can use the application fee waiver on their site. So feel free to download it, fill it, get it approved by school officials, get it stamped, scan it and send to the college.

Good luck.


Here is an application fee waiver:

This fee waiver is provided by “The National Association for College Admission Counseling” (NACAC) and I have emailed asking if we can use this form to send to colleges. I will update you as soon as I hear back from them. Using this form will be pretty straightforward, all you need to do is to find a teacher in college who knows your background(you can explain to the teacher) and get it approved by the college and then email the letter to the college.