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Can u all plz suggest how can i get job/work/intern after A levels(bnks EBA Student) in my gap year in kathmandu? What kind of work do i get?


Good Question.

For your gap year, I would say do things that you never thought you would do. Try living your life from a different angle. For example, if you have always been a student, who cared about grades, studies, then now in your gap year- just go to streets and may be start playing some dramas. Watch street vendors and may be you too can try selling your home cooked Momo. Travel in the micro along with a conductor and see how he spends his day and may be you too could try spending it that way. What I mean is: In your gap year, change yourself. Try living your life from a completely different perspective. You may or may not learn anything by doing this, but I am sure this will enable you to think from multiple viewpoints. And remember that learning does not always come from academics. To get into a good college, it is  NOT TRUE that you must have had spent your year by doing an internship. These small experiences shape life.

I hope it helps you to think what I am talking about.

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