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Can u all plz suggest how can i get job/work/intern after A levels(bnks EBA Student) in my gap year in kathmandu? What kind of work do i get?


I regret not taking a language class. I traveled, tutored, interned (everything on the spectrum), but did not learn a new language. I strongly suggest anybody who wants to broaden their horizons to learn a completely new language in their gap year and continue that in college! Having an additional language in your resume, and being fluent at it does wonders.



If you are thinking of trying to strengthen your application essay then try and look for organizations who work in the sector you want to work in the future. Call/Email/Message them constantly. In Nepal, actually going to an organization and then asking them if you could volunteer might be more helpful, since people do not check emails regularly. For eg, If I am planning to work in public health sector in the future, I would go to hospitals/health clinics and figure out if I could help.

However, if you are trying to enjoy your time out of school then there are tons of was- traveling, spending more time with friends and family, going out for movies and stuffs, etc.


Good Question.

For your gap year, I would say do things that you never thought you would do. Try living your life from a different angle. For example, if you have always been a student, who cared about grades, studies, then now in your gap year- just go to streets and may be start playing some dramas. Watch street vendors and may be you too can try selling your home cooked Momo. Travel in the micro along with a conductor and see how he spends his day and may be you too could try spending it that way. What I mean is: In your gap year, change yourself. Try living your life from a completely different perspective. You may or may not learn anything by doing this, but I am sure this will enable you to think from multiple viewpoints. And remember that learning does not always come from academics. To get into a good college, it is  NOT TRUE that you must have had spent your year by doing an internship. These small experiences shape life.

I hope it helps you to think what I am talking about.


All of this doesn’t answer you question specifically, but here are some ways you could get a job/ volunteering experience/ valuable skills/ good time:

Things you can do in your gap year:

  1. You can cold call/email/fb the organizations you are interested in and ask if they have any positions offered. This usually works if you want to volunteer at small NGOs. I got a volunteering position this way. Volunteering is an amazing experience, try it if you can. You can get an unpaid internship in almost any field you want if you keep looking.
  2. Same with teaching. Try to contact people at colleges saying you are a recent A-level grad from BNKS looking for some part-time job experience. Make sure you contact a ‘decision-maker’ (one who can actually hire you) and not the ‘gatekeeper’ (people who stop you from meeting the decision-maker, for eg secretaries).
  3. Travel: Just do this. Please. You will appreciate my advice later. Nepal is too beautiful not to travel when you have a whole year in your hands. The biggest regret I have is not travelling enough. 
  4. Learn photography/dancing/an instrument/ swimming/ photoshop/ programming/ debating/anything you want. Or do them all. Pick up some skills. Join a club if you can.
  5. Learn your traditional language if you don’t know it already.
  6. Read a lot of books. Not only for your gap year, but forever.
  7. Learn how to cook. This is Survival 101 if you are coming abroad.
  8. Spend time with your family. This is important. Especially with your grandparents, if you can. Nothing warms an old person as much as a younger person willing to listen to them. Personally, this was a big thing for me. I learnt Newari from my grandmother (okay, some Newari) because that was a way for me to spend more time with her.
  9. Take online classes.
  10. Write. You can also get paid doing this if you look for ideas. Plus, writing builds discipline and helps you compose your thoughts and your ideas.
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AJ Wild paid my friends 8000 per month. I got paid 300 per class. That would roughly make 15000 per month. You usually get 10000 per month

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How much do they pay?

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You can work as a Tutor. I am currently in my Gap year and I have been teaching Chemistry at Trinity and a Tuition Center. These people will be delighted to have BNKS students as tutors. So, our brand name definitely makes a difference. After your A levels, you can visit schools like Trinity, Chelsea, British College, AJ Wild etc with your resume and Transcript. Talk to the A level Coordinator there that you are interested in tutoring such and such subjects. If room is vacant, they might hire you. There was always a demand of EBA tutors, especially for teaching Accounting.