Advice for USA visa interview

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I got selected in a state university with generous scholarship. The visa interview is a week away. What should I do prepare myself? Are there any do’s or don’ts? What documents do I have to take with me to prove my intention of coming back after graduating?



As per my knowledge, from June 1, 2016 onwards, applicants no longer need to take bank statements, land titles, letters of invitation, or any similar financial documents. The embassy’s webpage is still outdated.



Congratulations! Good luck with the next process.

You need the following:

  • A Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) Form
  • A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States
  • One (1) 2″x2″ (5cmx5cm) photograph taken within the last six months.
  • A receipt showing payment of your US$160 non-refundable nonimmigrant visa application processing fee paid in local currency.
  • Sufficient currency (either in US dollars or Nepali rupees) to pay the US$200 reciprocity fee in the event your student visa is approved.
  • Educational transcripts.
  • An approved Form I-20 from your U.S. school or program.

Additional Documents:

  • Documents demonstrating strong financial, social, and family ties to your home country that will compel you to return to your country after your program of study in the United States ends. (Property Evaluation)
  • Financial and any other documents you believe will support your application and which give credible evidence that you have enough readily-available funds to meet all expenses for the first year of study and that you have access to funds sufficient to cover all expenses while you remain in the United States. M-1 applicants must demonstrate the ability to pay all tuition and living costs for the entire period of their intended stay.
  • Photocopies of bank statements will not be accepted unless you can also show original copies of bank statements or original bank books.
  • If you are financially sponsored by another person, bring proof of your relationship to the sponsor (such as your birth certificate), the sponsor’s most recent original tax forms and the sponsor’s bankbooks and/or fixed deposit certificates.
  • Academic documents that show scholastic preparation. Useful documents include school transcripts (original copies are preferred) with grades, public examination certificates (A-levels, etc.), standardized test scores (SAT, TOEFL, etc.), and diplomas.


In front of US Embassy, there are offices who can help you with preparing documents given that you present them the documents in Nepali. Visiting them will help too. Have bank statement, property evaluation, relationship certificate and a few others supporting documents.

If this does not clarify, please ask follow up questions.