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What are the minimum CGPA,TOEFL,CAE &GRE scores required for enrollment in graduates program on best universities of world?


To add to Krishna’s suggestions, scores are just one component of the application and if the rest of the application is strong then there is not cut off for margin for scores (as far as I understand). This page has a summary of average GRE scores of applicants who apply and get selected:

I think if you could narrow down your question to what specific areas interest you or what kind of universities are you looking into (top, safety, etc) then that would help in reaching out to people who can answer the question well.


As far as I am aware most of the US universities do not have a minimum required scores. However, if you are planning to apply to top universities (Ivy league standard) then you would need almost perfect scores to be even considered. But, it very much depends upon your programs and the choice of university. I would recommend you to search for programs you are interested in and see what’s their average. THIS website might help you get some idea on scores.

However, if you are applying to universities other than the US ones, check their websites for any minimum required scores.