About financial Aid at Luther College

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Luther’s website says that it strives to meet the full demonstrated of international students. It also says that it has students from Nepal. What is the maximum financial aid that Luther offers, or has offered, to students from Nepal?

Also, how welcoming is the campus community? The percentage of international students seems rather low.


I would also recommend you to email the university and ask if they can connect you to a Nepali student or a student of this region. Most of the times they will be able to do so. Best of luck. If you do get in touch via that route please do let us know.


The Luther college website writes, “Luther College’s funds for international students are not limitless, however. In general, students should expect to pay for a portion (up to one half or more) of their own educational expenses through family funds and/or aid programs offered through local or national churches, government agencies, and cultural organizations.”

And the costs to attend Luther are:

  • Tuition—$38,940
  • Double room—$3,570
  • Meals—$4,350
  • Fees—$520
  • Health Insurance—$940
  • Estimate for books/personal expenses—$2,575
  • Estimated total—$50,895

The scholarships that are available to International Students are listed here: http://www.luther.edu/admissions/international/financial-aid/scholarships/

It appears that there are lots of scholarships for International students and one might be able to cover full tuition from these scholarships.  I do not know a Nepali student at Luther but I am hoping that someone with more knowledge will also follow up here. By the time, I suggest you email the admission officers at Luther and get in touch with them regarding the scholarships. They will be happy to let you know if one can get full scholarship or not.

Good luck.