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There is a myriad of things that I am confused about. Firstly, I am studying in class 12 and scored 86% on class 11 HSEB and I am determind to score equivalent to 85 in class 12. I want to apply to US universities with full scholarship in good engineering university. I have very low score on slc(72) which was really unfair since my pre-slc percentage was 83. I am willing to work hard to achieve good SAT scores and I have decent ECAs. What is the chance of gaining a full scholarship?

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Hello Prasanga,

Congratulations for your excellent score in HSEB. I f you manage to pull off similar percentage in grade 12 finals, then you are in pretty good shape in terms of academics. For SLC, if you feel that SLC is an outlier among your high school results, then you should also have an explanation for why do you think its an outlier, what went wrong and how it does not indicate your true academic standard. I would suggest that you talk to your counselor and your recommenders about it and maybe they can also vouch for you. Yes, you definitely need a strong SAT score since you are competing not only against your fellow Nepalese but the entire international applicant pool that requires financial aid. So, I would suggest you to work very hard on your SAT and TOEFL (If your college needs one).

As per the scholarship, if you are applying to good colleges, getting the scholarship is not the problem but getting accepted into the college is the first challenge. If you get into MIT, Upenn, Cornell, Stanford or essentially any college that meets 100% of demonstrated need, then they will give you almost all the money you want. But getting accepted is difficult. While in okayish colleges, it might be easy to get in but there are very few colleges that give the full aid. Thus, it ultimately boils down to the idea that your changes of getting full scholarship in a good college depends on your acceptance into that college, which in turn depends on your application and scores. So, the most important thing you should do now is work hard for your finals and nail the SAT and side by side, research the colleges that you wanna apply.

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    Hi Prasanga,

    Swowroop has already provided a clear answer to your question. I also encourage you to take a look at this slide: http://collegesodhpuch.com/overview-of-us-college-application-process/ and there are more resources in the “Resources” tab of this page at the top. Those will help you understand when will be the best time to take SATs. Normally students take either during October, November, December, January depending upon when the SATs are offered and for that you can check the website-collegeboard.

    Hope it helps.

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      Thank you so much showroop dai. It’s a great relief to hear that the slc marks won’t make a huge impact. I am working hard to score good marks in 12. I am not so familiar with the process to apply to the universities in US. When is the best time to give SAT exams?

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