What’s the difference between Computer Sciences, General and Computer and Information sciences, General?

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This is a bit confusing for me. Do these majors have vast differences? I want to study Artificial Intelligence. Does Computer and information sciences provide that course?

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Computer engineers are architects and construction workers. They design and build a house.

Computer scientists are the electricians, plumbers, and installation specialists who put lights, running water, and appliances in the house.(Computer Science)

IT professionals live in the house and use appliances effectively and efficiently for a desired effect.(Information Science)


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    For Artificial Intelligence, one of the options to proceed could be applying for computer science in bachelors (where you learn coding, algorithms etc needed to study artificial intelligence) and then you will have the option for artificial intelligence in masters. However if some universities already offer artificial intelligence in bachelors- then by all means you can apply for it. Information sciences is more to do with social networking, security of informations- might also include cryptography. Do wait to see if someone can answer this question better.

    These answers might help too:

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