what does it mean when colleges websites talk about fall intake add spring intake?

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i am currently in my final year of A level. I was like planning to take gap year and apply for ED and RD next year like i have seen most of the people doing especially seniors around months of November and December. but i have been hearing about how we can apply before hand and all this stuff about spring and fall semester enrollment and its very confusing. I mean if we apply next year during november and decemberan, where we get results around jan and feb would that be like spring semester we are applying for or vice versa. i am sorry if i sound too jumbled up and confusing.

Deepak Shah answered
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Most colleges accept applications for Fall. Very limited take for Spring and if they do, they might not have enough scholarship during Spring.

You can either apply for ED around November or for RD around January. RD decisions are released around April and students leave for college around August. Fall Semester starts around the mid of August. So Fall intake is what most Nepalese students apply to. To understand more in detail about the application process, take a look at this timeline and please ask more questions to clarify your confusions.


Deepak Shah answered
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