What are the chances of getting into top colleges with low grades?

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For some reason I couldn’t do well in my High School especially in +2. But I’m working hard on my other part of application and I’m taking one year gap for that.Many people and friends of mine recommend me that it is just a wast of time to apply top colleges/universities without having good GPA.As the US top colleges/univ’s said that they uses holistic approach for admission but I don’t know if they will consider other application without having good grades. I don’t know it gives you any sense to apply top colleges/univ’s with low grades but despite of my low grades I am thinking  to try at least once. So plz provide me some insight on this whether I should apply or not. Highly appreciate your suggestion

Thank you!

Siddhant Agrawal ✓ answered
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My high school teacher told us about a student who was accepted to Williams College even though he did not have a strong academic record. However, there was a reason for that: He prioritized his extracurriculars over his academics. We were even told that he was working with a reputed professional in a field he deeply cared about. I believe that he could convince the admissions officers about his academic potential, what he really wanted to do and how his extracurriculars were serving his goals.

I think if you can explain to the admissions officers the reason for your not-so-well performance in grade 12, and work hard during the gap year on SATs, or even possibly take some relevant online classes, you can still demonstrate your academic potential to them. If you have done well before grade 12, that will work in your favor.

Academics is usually the top priority for colleges when it comes to admissions. So demonstrating that you have that thirst and potential is vital. I think essays often do that magic. So you might wanna work on them too as much as possible.

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    Yes, as Krishna dai said, anything is possible. I have seen miracles when it comes to college applications(LOL). That being said, it is going to be relatively harder. Trust me, nothing is more important that your academic records. But, admission officers do look for lot of things for undergraduate degree, and if they think you have that potential to be a man who can make difference, you will be accepted. Work on your SATs, your essays, your extra-curricular activities (not for certificates obviously).


    Good luck!

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      Hello Rahul,

      +2 scores are not the only ones that show your academic caliber. SATs do too. So, prepare well and do well in SATs. Based on your SAT scores and other parts of the application I would recommend you to apply to at least one top university. Put your best work. Anything’s possible.

      Best of luck!

      Krishna Gaire answered


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