What are some good non liberal arts college/universities that are generous with aid?


Looking for colleges/universities, I mostly come across Liberal Arts colleges and that’s not where I’d like to go considering that I am from a non science background and have no interest in learning about natural sciences again. And whenever I look into few good non LACs, they seem to give aid/scholarships only to US citizens. So could anyone of the seniors possibly know about a few US colleges that are generous with international students? The possible majors for me would include Economics (General or Development),Finance, International Relations, Business Law, HRM etc. I am sorry if this question comes of a little awkward or too direct. Thanks!

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Some of the universities that provide generous financial aid can be found at this link: www.collegesodhpuch.com/resources/potential-us-universities-for-nepalese-students/

Also visit the resources section to get access to other resources there. collegesodhpuch.com/resources

Almost all the big universities provide generous financial aid to international students. In those universities, the main struggle is not to get scholarship but simply to get accepted. You may also use collegeboard website to filter colleges/universities.

If you still have queries do not hesitate to ask follow up questions.

Krishna Gaire answered


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