What additional universities should I go for?

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Hello there,

It’s been a while, I have been sitting at my home doing nothing. I have applied for 11 universities, some are void due to reasons and some has made their decisions. My family is not financially strong and I understand the financial burden to educate myself in United States. I have set an target to go to only university where I have to pay explicit $6000 for tuition fee, I can manage the living expenses. I have been accepted to Carroll university. They offered me $21000 per year but that is not sufficient as I have to pay $9000 for tuition fee only, living expenses aside. I can see why they didn’t offered more than that – that was the maximum scholarship they could offer. All aside now I am getting stressed out, whether other universities will offer me with my targeted amount. The universities that I have applied for includes – Clark University, Tulane University, University of Oregon, Rensselaer polytechnic institute, Case western reserve university and other. You can see these are highly ranked universities, So I am getting a little doubtful. So I want to go for other universities which offers good amount of scholarship for international students. Please DO NOT provide links, please provide the college you liked or you applied for or you have heard of or your friend went to. Much Appreciated.

My GPA is 3.33

SAT score is 1320

Thank you.

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Hello bro!!

The universities you have applied are really good, but the fees are quite high there. They may provide 60-70% waiver, and still you may have to pay around 14-15k. So with the profile you have, you may apply to tier 3 universities. SeLU, Saouthern Arkansas, UT-Arlington(tier2), Truman State will be better options for you. I do have 1290 in SAT and 4.0 gpa. We can be in touch in fb or gmail.

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