Vassar College or University of Richmond

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Dear Everyone,

I got accepted into the University of Richmond, and recently off the wait-list, at Vassar College.

My long-term costs at both colleges are similar(about 13000 USD per annum). However, I’ve been offered international loans at Vassar which puts my expenses at 9500 USD. At Richmond, I’m a Boatwright Scholar, but I’ve heard really good things about Vassar.

Expenses aside, What are your opinions on either colleges, their strengths and weaknesses? Which college do you think is better? Which one do you think offers better opportunities, and better prospects after graduation? I need to decide on a college so any additional recommendation/suggestion would be appreciated.

I’m probably going to Major in one of the STEM fields(Physics, Comp. Sci or Maths). However I’m also interested in Economics and Psychology and will be exploring those subjects.

Thank You!

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I am agree with Krishna. Both are good colleges in which Vassar is comes to New York Colleges while University of Richmond comes in Virginia colleges. As per current figures, Vassar colleges has 2424 enrollment while Richmond has 4131 enrollment and both has graduation rate of 91% and 88% respectively. Fees are $53090 and $49420 respectively. Both are private college and offering 4 year duration courses. Acceptance rate is 25.6% and 31% respectively.

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    Thank you Krishna Dai

    I’ve been researching about the colleges for four days, and still they seem very well matched.

    I was able to visit Richmond college so I know the situation there. Haven’t been able to find as much information about Vassar as I’d hoped to, particularly regarding any work in the field of mathematical modeling(if they are).

    I’ll contact Samana Shrestha and Bishan Bhattarai ASAP.

    – 6065Binam

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      First of all, congratulations on your placements. Both of them are great institutions and have their own advantages and disadvantages. From my 10 mins of research, I feel that in terms of academics both of them are equally good and both of them seem to have good alumni networks.

      One thing that stood out to me was that Richmond is in Richmond City while Vassar is situated in Poughkeepsie, a suburb. I personally prefer institutions that are closer to cities as cities have lots of opportunities. Vassar, although in suburb, is just 75 miles from NYC. NYC is center of everything and being close to NYC is a huge plus.

      I am inclined towards Vassar but do consult with others as well. It’s a very important decision so take your time. You may also contact Samana Shrestha who is currently studying in Vassar and Bishan Bhattarai who recently graduated from Richmond.

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