Trinity, kMC, NIC, NIST, which is the best for science ?

Nhuja Mabumee Maharjan 6 Rep.

Planning to study +2 science now. Among trinity, nic, nist and kmc, which is the best ? Please give me answers with plausible reasons. The above mentioned colleges are the alternatives after i give entrance of st.xavier

Sagoon Bhetwal answered
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Hey there!

I recently completed my +2(science) from Trinity and to tell you that has to be one of the best choice I ever made. From academics to ECA, I am totally satisfied with what I have achieved in Trinity. There were times when I would just feel like why did I join here but I believe that is going to happen to you wherever you join at some point. I was in the club, wall magazine team, and also volunteered and participated in many events like poetry, debate and science exhibition competition. The college management is very devoted to give the best help they can to the students in terms of academics. It’s just that you need to be keen and active yourself and stay updated with what’s coming up next and I can assure, you will too not regret to have studied in Trinity. I hope this will help you in anyway.

Best wishes.

Sagoon Bhetwal answered
    Prithvi Khadka 51 Rep.

    There are many good colleges in kathmandu. So, one of the good way of choosing your college will also depends upon the location. Try to choose the college which will be near to your home. Some of the college doesn’t have bus facilities like KMC.

    I prefer you to join Trinity. It is because the college is comprised of highly qualified faculty members, facilities and sound environment for a good academic performance.  It is located in dillibazar and also provides bus facilities. The college focuses both on academic and extra curricular activities. The college also provides good scholarships schemes based on merit. Till my knowledge they provide pre medical and pre engineering classes to bright students. The academic results of the students of this college is praiseworthy both in boards and in medical and engineering entrances.

    If you still have some more enquiry about the choice of college, you can also contact us.

    With regards,

    Prithvi Khadka

    Prithvi Khadka answered
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