Standardised Tests Cost and Method Of Payment?

Jimmy Dev 21 Rep.

How much does it cost to appear for SAT I and SAT II test in Nepal? What about TOEFL? 

Parikshit Chalise answered
Parikshit Chalise 212 Rep.

Costs :

  1. SAT Reasoning (I)
  2. SAT Subject Test (II)
  3. TOEFL

SAT I test with essay would cost $109 (Approximately NRs 11,000)

2 SAT subject tests would cost  $117 (Approximately NRs 12,000)

TOEFL iBT would cost $180 (Approximately NRs 18,500)

You can pay for them through an International Credit Card if any of your relatives live abroad. Or you can go to banks. Banks take a service charge of NRs 500 for doing your payment. There are limited banks in Nepal that accept that service. Some of them are:

  1. Nabil Bank
  2. Kumari Bank
  3. Nepal Investment Bank
  4. Global IME Bank

Good luck. Follow up if you have more questions!

Parikshit Chalise answered


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