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I came across a thread in College Confidential which stated that instead of paying to send our SAT and TOEFL scores, we could print the scores, have our GC sign it, scan them and send it to respective colleges. Is that possible instead of paying hefty fees to send our scores?

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Krishna Gaire 2.39K Rep.

It depends upon the university/college. I would recommend you to email the university/college beforehand and ask them about it. Also mention that sending SAT scores via college board will be a financial burden to you in your email.

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    Thank You.

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      Deepak Shah 2.01K Rep.

      Totally possible. A lot of colleges accept that- they can understand the financial burden that sending SAT and TOEFL scores bring to the students. Do make sure to send a confirmation email to the colleges and it is very likely that they will accept it.

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