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I have found many private colleges in U.S. which are kind of religion oriented or affiliated. I could find it from their names as well simple research. However, some of them also have good aid programs. As a nepali student from a hindu background, is it a good decision to apply in these colleges?

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To add to what Deepak mentioned, yes research ahead the classes that the college offers and the degree to which the religion affiliation occurs. Also, check whether the colleges are founded on religious principles and have no religious affiliation or whether it is a different case. I have come across colleges that are founded on religious principles but they have no religious affiliation. So, you might want to look for the differences. Also, talk to alumni from that college to understand to what extent  the religious affiliation will have an effect on you. And definitely do not limit your choices to such colleges only 🙂 Have a wide range of choices.

If you have any more questions, feel free to follow up.

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    You are right. Some colleges are kind of religion affiliated but that does not mean that your religion will be changed after enrolling into that college. Some colleges have a General Education Requirement of BTS (Biblical and Theological studies) and that can be received from 1 course. I think colleges want to encourage students think spiritually and make morally correct decisions. You can definitely choose not to go to those colleges but I don’t think that makes any difference because you can definitely take 1 course and get BTS and still learn about a religion that is different from your own. So take this as an opportunity to shape your mind for the religious tolerance. And again it differs from colleges to colleges. Some colleges may totally be a Christian School-offering classes only in religion-so be sure to check everything properly before hand.

    Bottomline: If it is just 1 course that gets you BTS, it will in no way affect your hindu bacckground.

    Hope it helps and feel free to ask follow up question.

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