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I’m trying hard to be the best of what I can, as a candidate to apply for Computer Science-General undergraduate degree at the United States for regular decision -August 2017 intake. These questions are long and explanatory, please happily bear with this. 🙂


To which subject teachers should I ask to prepare LOR for me? Many say one from English and one from Maths or Physics, I know it depends upon each university. Also, some say it’ll be better if we ask one LOR from secondary-school teacher as it can show my progress and achievements from school to high school. I read somewhere that we need LOR from a Guidance Counselor as well. Well, if that’s the case then I’ll have a lot of work to do since each of my teachers want me to write on their behalf and they’ll sign. But it’s a big opportunity as well as I can go with the similar flows while writing essays and others.
Now, What should I do? To which subject teachers do you recommend me asking LOR’s specifically? Should I ask my secondary school teacher as well?


My letter of recommendation will be addressing as- “To whom it may concern” printed on my high schools letter head along with a school seal and teachers signature so that I can send it to as many universities as I want. Is it an okay thing? or I need to work on anything? Also, What is the document format letter of recommendations to upload to commonapp? like .pdf or .jpeg or .doc or anyother.

3. Sending

I’m still unfamiliar to Commonapp. I have GC’s at my school but I’m pretty sure they have better experience checking length of hairs than sending documents. So, I need to know this as well. Although I’ll be sending the letter of recommendations from teachers and myself from their commonapp account on their behalf, I’m not sure how do I do it. I’d be grateful if anyone could explain me the process or refer me to any links. Google has tonnes of informations and I’m not sure which should I pick.

I’ve recommendations from social clubs and other organizations as well. Who needs to send that letter of recommendations on my commonapp?

Do they need to be attested or something?

Thank you in an advance if you made up-to this 🙂

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  1.         As, you said it yourself, the subject teacher that you should get your recommendation from depends on the requirement of the College that you are applying to. For instance, MIT requires that you submit two letters of recommendation-one from Maths/Science teacher and another from Language/Social Science teacher. Other colleges do not have such kind of subject-specific recommendation requirements and you have the liberty to submit the LOR from the teacher of your choice. However, if you have a recommendation from an English teacher, it is more versatile as it works for both categories of colleges described above.
    There are 3 types of recommendations that you can submit in the commonapp:
    a) Guidance Counselor Recommendation: Written by your school’s Guidance Counselor and mostly describes you as a person, highlighting your personal qualities, strengths and ECAs.
    b) Subject Teacher recommendation: Written by your subject teachers in high school and it primary focuses in your interest and academic performance in that subject. The reader usually gets an overview of your personality but unlike GC’s recommendation its main objective is to highlight your academics.
    c) Other Recommendation: It can be peer recommendation (written by a friend), recommendation from your coach, club coordinator etc
    Colleges prefer that you submit letters of recommendation from your most recent teacher. Preferably, a teacher from your senior year. However, if you feel that your secondary school teacher could reflect better upon your accomplishments then go ahead. I should warn you that college admission officers are very experienced in their job of reading application and they can easily distinguish genuine LOR and fake ones. So, be careful because they might blacklist you if they come to know that.
  2.          To whom it may concern is fine. My english teacher wrote “Letter of recommendation for Mr.Showroop Pokhrel” as the title. Yes, it is what you should do. Type it in school’s Letter head with school’s stamp/seal and recommender’s signature. I don’t know all the compatible formats but pdf should be fine or you also have the option to write the recommendation in the text box in the common app itself, just like the text box where you write personal essays.
  3.          Well, there are a few aspects regarding the sending of the recommendation . First, your recommender has to make your recommender profile. Then they are required to rate the applicant on various grounds. There are quite a few options that they can rate them with (For instance, mediocre, very few encountered in life etc.). Be careful to give the ratings strategically. Don’t give yourself all the best ratings. The second part is submitting the letter of recommendation itself and its pretty straight forward. You just upload the pdf file and it will generate a preview of it and once you find that everything is proper, you just submit it.
  4.          The recommendations from social clubs goes into other recommenders section. It should be written by the Co-ordinator/ President of the club, preferably in club’s letterhead and stamped.

    Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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