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abijeet pant 66 Rep.

I applied to US in my high school too. I was wait-listed in Carleton College( my dream college).

Now, I am taking a gap year to apply to US this fall. I want to apply to the same college once again. It is also my prospective ED college.


I can say that my application has improved a lot in all of the grounds- academic, extra-curricular etc.

I am re-giving the SAT too.


That being said, how do you judge my decision ?

Do colleges provide a certain degree of priority to me based on my dedication and scenario?

Or, do they care nothing about it?


Is it good to re-apply as an Early Decision Applicant ?

Krishna Gaire answered
Krishna Gaire 2.39K Rep.

Wait-listed means that you were qualified to attend that institution but due to other factors such as cost and availability of scholarship you were out on the waiting list. Therefore, definitely go for it. I would say you will have a better chance to get in this year. Best of luck.

Krishna Gaire answered
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