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I have no idea how to complete certificate of finance. What is required for the verification of the amount that we indicate? Is it the Bank of Statement? Also, will indicating the same financial support for upcoming years be okay?

My parents are the only source for my all expenditure. My personal savings will count nothing in dollars. Should I just mention that cost of my transport, tuition, room…say everything will be sponsored by my parents?

I am really confused the questions after 10. What should be the answer to the following under mentioned cases: (https://financialaid.stanford.edu/pdf/2016-17_International_Student_Certification_of_Finances.pdf)

Confusion for questions:

11. I have no one in US, but still I will have the money sent by my parents.

13. Do I have to mention the “COA of first year that I can afford” or the amount for personal expenses.

14. & 15. I will not be coming back every year, and have no idea what summer school is. (Are the answers to these two questions like a signed contract after my acceptance?)

16. What will be the cost of living in US during Summer?

Also, please tell me the difference between ISFAA and Certificate of Finance. Sorry for a pile of questions.

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Ask the college what exact forms to send.

Mine told me to send only the ISFAA, and I had to send no other documents at all.

Their reply will most probably tell you whether you should send a Bank Statement or something else.

In my experience those bank documents are only necessary while applying for a student visa, but I think there is a new policy wher you dont need the documents for even that. Dont hold me on this though.

Yes, the same financial support for coming years is fine.

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Bhusan dada thank you so much. Please answer the first paragraph too.

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  1. If your parents are in Nepal and they are the only source of emergency funds, then the answer is No.
  2. Amount for Personal Expenses.
  3. If you dont think you will return in the summer, then answer No.
  4. Summer school are programs where you enroll to get college credit. Usually people do this if they want to graduate earlier or retake a class that they have performed poorly in or just to simply get ahead. It costs quite a bit, and I not many people take it. If you are still confused, answer No.


Also, 14 and 15 are no ‘contract-obligations’. I know you will not believe me but I will still tell you: filling this form is not insanely important. You can estimate the numbers where you dont have exact ones. And colleges will not bind you to anything.


  1. Varies on where you stay I think. I didnt stay there during my summer so I cant give a nice answer here.

You can leave this number blank, or maybe a 0 in one of those amount fields.
I dont exactly know the difference between ISFAA and CoF but I think of them simply as two different forms. Some colleges ask for one, some for the other, some ask for both. Ask the college and follow their instructions.

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