Possibility of Transferring from State University to National University with Scholarship

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I am currently admitted to Regionally Accredited State University as a freshmen but I want to transfer to among Top 150 National Universities with scholarship, whether that be a financial aid or merit based.  Is it possible for a student from regionally accredited university transfer to national level universities with good scholarship? Since, I have a good high school grade with various extra curricular activities and experiences but my SAT score are really bad does this reduce my chance of getting good scholarship while transferring to universities. If there are any possibilities, I would like to get to know about the procedures and some names of the universities.

Deepak Shah answered
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Transferring to another colleges is not quite easy to be honest. Since most colleges have limited scholarships and that is provided to the students who the college accepts in RD or ED, very less (or none) scholarship is available for transfer students. But that being said I think you have a lot of work to do if you want to transfer and find scholarships. First read this: http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/international-student-counsel/2015/02/03/tips-for-international-students-looking-to-transfer-schools

Here is a list containting colleges which have accepted most transfer students in the past:


Among these colleges, you will have to sort out on your own if they will provide scholarship to international + transfer students. Unfortunately we do not have the list. You will need to make one of your own.

Hope it helps.

Deepak Shah answered


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