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As an international applicant to The US, the percentage of need met is going to matter strongly. What can we basically understand about it?

If a college has 90% need met, what should I understand. Is it sure that I will be provided with 10% less financial aid than what I want? Or there can be students who may have 100% need met too?

Can maximum financial award be deduced through this information?

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As Krishna dai said, it depends on a college. Most of the competitive colleges do tend to meet 99.99% of your need. The 0.01% is easily manageable. A typical financial aid can have a variety of form such as work-study, loan, etc. I think, more or less, you will get a loan of some kind. But the good thing about competitive colleges is that as you progress into the semester and happen to do good in academics, there are various scholarships that you will automatically qualify for. The amount may vary but usually ranges from $1000 to maybe $5-6k. Hope it helps.

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    It means that 90% of the financial need you need will be met. Whether or not, they will meet 100% need depends upon the university. Most of the big name universities tends to meet 100% of the need. However, universities tend to provide as less as possible financial aid so first apply and if got in try to negotiate for a better deal. These things are not 100% fixed.

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