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Will you say something about peer recommendation? If it is not compulsory, and we include it in our application, will it help us?

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(The following answer is subject to HEAVY SPECULATION and WEAK MEMORY RECOLLECTION so read it at your own risk, but I wanted to have a say anyway) Just my opinion, but I dont think they carry much weight. I think I read in a university’s admissions blog that they don’t get as far as the peer reco if the rest of the application is not strong enough, which tells volumes of how it is regarded. Dont send one just because you can, only if it may help them understand you better. If a college requires only one teacher recommendation, then sending them three teacher recos plus a peer recos is bound to piss them off

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Peer reviews are informal appreciation letters written by a friend who knows you personally and academically well. While most of the colleges do no want that, it will be just an additional boost (may not necessarily guarantee you admissions) if you submit one.

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