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I’m filling out the ISFAA. I have no clue how to respond to Section F – Expected Support for Educational Expenses.

32. Enter the expected amount of annual support toward your educational costs from the sources listed. (for all 4 years of undergrad)

a. What should I write in my expected vacation earning columns??
b. My family is willing to pay a total of 20 K for my education for four full years. It is better to show a greater expected amount in first year and less in others(e.g 8+4+4+4) or same for four full years(5+5+5+5)
c. I’ve heard from my seniors that we can ‘mange’ funds and not depend upon parents after freshmen year. Is it really possible to relieve parents from financial responsibilities after our freshmen year or later?
d. As we don’t need to show expected contribution from our parents in CSS for years after the freshmen year, is there some connection between Q no. c and Q no. d? Can someone connect the dots?
e. Finally does living cost include in this section : Section F – Expected Support for Educational Expenses?

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D. I believe it depends on the college. Some colleges may require submitting CSS/FAFSA every year, while some may just expect you to contribute the same amount, each year, all four years.

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    A. Many international students work during summer and winter vacations. If you get a decent job you can make around 400-500 dollars per week working full time. However, you are not allowed to work outside the campus in your first year. So, put less contribution in your first year and more in second, third and fourth.

    B. It does not really matter. As you will be able to work outside the campus from your second year, you may put less family contribution from 2nd years onward.

    C. You can work for 20 hours per week during the semester and full time during the vacations. Therefore, if you don’t have huge financial contribution to make, you can manage. Do talk to the seniors studying in the particular college you are applying to for more information about jobs availability and minimum wage.

    D. I am not so sure what is your question here. Could you please elaborate.

    E. I think that educational expenses do not cover living cost. However, email the university/college to be 100% sure.

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