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Hello there,

To all the NYUAD seniors,

Were you nominated by your principal/councillor while applying? What does it mean to be nominated? Do they view our application differently after being nominated? In BNKS we don’t have As exams , we only have the second semester exams and grade tests. Do the grades and second semester marks fulfill the standardized test requirement of NYUAD?

P.S – I am sorry cause my question is full of questions.:)

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Hello there,

I was nominated by my GC. To be nominated, your GC has to submit a nomination recommendation letter along with student assignment writing written by you. Nomination deadlines are earlier than the regular deadlines. You can find more information HERE.

Yes, someone who is nominated will be more carefully considered for a placement. It’s always better to be nominated than not to be nominated.

Regarding the standardized testing, you can submit your SAT scores. I don’t think the grades of the second semester will suffice. But just to be sure, send an email to the admission officer inquiring about it.

Best of luck and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

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