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Arbin Khadka 11 Rep.

Does it require 15 students at least to study a particular course in NAMI college. If so then is there any possibility that i get to study networking in 2nd year. I got admitted and just knew about this. I am a bit tensed anyone here NAMI graduate to tell me about this.

Prabhat Giri answered
Prabhat Giri 240 Rep.

Yes. The minimum no of student required to pursue a certain specialization during the 2nd year at NAMI, you will require at least 15 students who are interested in studying it. You can talk with the friends who are studying with you and find out how many of them will be studying Networking in their second year.

As far as it was during our year, we were offered to choose and we chose Software and Networking. Without the minimum number of students met, they will not teach the course at NAMI because of the restriction set by the University Of Northampton.

If you have any more queries, you can post follow up questions in this thread itself or directly contact me via Facebook or meet me in the college.

Prabhat Giri answered
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