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I am studying B.sc nursing in Bangalore,India.I will be graduating this year.so for my further studies I want to know about masters program in nursing in US and scholarships offered there.

Krishna Gaire answered
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Hi Sobita,

There are lots of opportunities of doing nursing in the US. Yes, there are lots of universities that provide scholarships however the amount of scholarships will vary greatly. Most of them offer merit based scholarship and the scholarships you receive will also depend upon your program. PhDs or research based programs tend to have better scholarships (in most cases, full).

I would recommend you to first search for universities that offer master program in nursing. You could start with THIS. It’s advisable to start looking at least a year prior to applying. Then for each, research on the type of scholarships they offer. Some have the option of taking loans while others may have small other scholarships you could apply. I would also highly recommend you to contact them directly if you are unsure about anything. Apart from the scholarships within the university you will also have the opportunity to apply for other private scholarships.

I hope this helps. Best of luck.

Krishna Gaire answered


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