liberal arts major in computer science or bsc informatics

Sahurabh Bhusal 6 Rep.

i m currently studying a levels and it is about to finish by the end of june and the result will get published at august. i m further looking for the colleges in usa while my preferred area of subject is computer science. So either liberal arts taking computer science as major or bsc in informatics(quite similar to bsc csit in nepal). my subjects in a levels are computer science,economics,business and general paper.so can i go further with my choice programmes in US and suggest me some colleges for international students with handsome amount of scholarships are provided…


reply fast as possible

Krishna Gaire answered
Krishna Gaire 2.39K Rep.

Hi Sahurabh,

Yes, there are universities in US that provide handsome amount of scholarships to international. However, these scholarships are highly competitive. The universities that can provide good amount scholarships are the ones that are very popular and are the tough ones to get in. Most of the IVY leagues provide full scholarships to international and so do most of the top universities. The LIST here might help you get started.

Best of luck.

Krishna Gaire answered


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