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Hello. I have a few questions regarding the financial aid forms. Please help.

1)Do we necessarily need to list all the names of colleges we are applying to in the ISFAA Student’s Information section?

2)In International Student Certificate of Finances, there is a section called Student’s Sources of Funds where we need to mention our Family Savings, which requires the signature of bank official as well. Do we need to get it signed if we already have a separate bank statement signed by the official mentioning our savings in the bank?

3)My father is a retired army officer and currently he works in a different company. So what do I mention in the Occupation/Title section? Do I mention his post as an army officer or his current job title?

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Thank you very much. Also, what are the documents we need to submit along with our forms? I have already prepared bank statement and tax return but is employer statement necessary as well?

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    1. Not necessary. Have you noticed that when you search for a college in Google, on the right appears “People also searched for” Similar is the situation for that question. One college can know what other college you applied to and that helps in college statistics. You are not required to list all the colleges. Some will do.
    2. Since you have a separate bank statement signed by the official, I don’t think you need to get it signed again on the Certification of Finances. You can send both documents to colleges. It should work.
    3. I suggest you mention Army Officer since that is used to be his major job.
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