Is is a stupid decision to apply abroad, particularly in US and Australia without scholarships for a middle class Nepali student?

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Majority of Nepalese students who go abroad for higher studies, particularly in countries like US and Australia although are very bright students are found to have spoiled their education out there because many of them belong to middle class families. In the pace of self-financing oneself in a foreign land their study is hampered a lot which closes doors for a good career; so before applying abroad I want to know from my seniors that if we don’t gain scholarships, will it be right to go abroad for higher studies? Also for what program bachelors or masters more scholarships are given.

Deepak Shah answered
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As Krishna mentioned it is not a wise decision to come to United States without scholarships (at least for a middle class nepali student). I suggest you look into more opportunities also in another countries (Japan, Germany and multiple others in Europe). It is all about good research. Keep finding, keep contacting, keep sending emails to colleges around the world. Don’t settle until you find a college and until you get a good scholarship. That is the formula for middle class students. Scan the rankings of US News, Forbes, findthebest.com, and come up with a ranking of your own based on your personal criterias. If you have good grades and have been engaged in activities during your high school, you are likely to get a good scholarship. Once again keep this in mind: Don’t settle until you get a scholarship if you are planning to apply abroad.

Deepak Shah answered
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    I would not say stupid but it is going to be very difficult to finance your education without financial support. Education in US or Australia is very expensive. They cost you in the range of 30,000 to 60,000 dollars per year. If you cannot afford that and are full time student I will strongly suggest not to come here. There are lots of great colleges and universities in Nepal. Study there. You can apply for graduate(Masters) programs later.

    Almost all the programs have scholarships but they are very competitive. WE have compiled a small list of US universities that provide financial support to Nepalese students. Almost all the US universities are indifferent about your area of study for Bachelors.

    • http://collegesodhpuch.com/resources/potential-us-universities-for-nepalese-students/
    • http://collegesodhpuch.com/university-placements-of-nepalese-students/
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