Is 15k for room and board just too much to manage on our own?

Anmol Rkstar 11 Rep.

As my parents wont be paying any penny for my living costs, i guess the responsibility lands solely on my shoulders. Is it possible to somehow manage that sum(by working) on my own?(The school is in New York.)

Deepak Shah answered
Deepak Shah 2.01K Rep.

I don’t think it is easily doable. If you get paid for $10/hr and if you work for 20 hours/week (meaning 80 hours in a month)- so in a year you can make 80*10*12=9600. And of course there will be breaks, summer breaks so even that cost is a great stretch. It is not doable. You would need to find some alternative sources of funding.

Deepak Shah answered


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