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I am having some confusion with IERF. I’ve already registered but I am confused whether I need to send my original transcripts or the photocopies? And how do I pay for it? Also, do I need to attest the transcripts before sending them. Please help.

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This is late, but hope it still helps. I did IERF for one of the colleges I applied to, so please feel free to message me in person or ask follow up question here. Pretty much as Deepak said, it is quite simple. Send your original documents, CIE certificate, SLC certificate by post to IERF. Go to the bank and make the IERF payment (Nabil Bank and some other banks used to provide that service few years ago). It will take around two weeks for IERF to finish the review, and make sure you select the school that you want your IERF report to be sent to.

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    As mentioned in the http://www.ierf.org/for-individuals/standard-application/required-documentation/ (if you select Nepal as the country), it shows the following info:
    All supporting documents must be ORIGINAL academic records issued in English.

    For secondary studies, please submit Mark Sheets and/or Examination Certificates (e.g., School Leaving Certificate (SLC), Higher Secondary Certificate, Proficiency Certificate, etc.), issued by the examining board or Tribhuvan University. If the examinations have not yet been taken, please submit school Transcripts for each year of study completed.

    For post-secondary studies, please submit the following academic records:

    • Transcripts / Academic Records for all studies, with years of study, course titles, units/credits/hours, and marks/ grades.
    • Diplomas / Certificates / Degree Certificates earned for all studies.

    Note: Unofficial records (e.g., academic records without indications of courses/examinations taken and/or grades/marks received, result slips, provisional examination results, etc.) will not be accepted.


    Answers to your questions:

    1. On the website they write that they want original documents+photocopies. They keep photocopies and return the original by mail.
    2. For payment, the website writes:
      Payment in the form of a check (unless requesting a RUSH service), cashier’s check, money order or credit card must accompany all applications, and must be payable to IERF.

      Overseas payments must be in U.S. dollars and drawn on a United States bank. If payment is being made by a bank draft, an additional $15 processing fee is required.

    3. I guess once you submit the documents by mail, you might get an email about their bank numbers to send the money to. The best way would be to email them and find out about the payment.
    4. Do read the website in detail before taking any action. I have never heard about this opportunity ever before and I advice you to consult someone who has done this process already before you send your original documents. It may be a risk.

    Ask follow up questions (if you have).

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