I have a SAT score of 1340. Which colleges would be best to get a decent amount of scholarship from this score?

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I have 79% in SLC and my HSEB +2 aggregate is 67%. I have scored 1340 on the new SAT and 94 on TOEFL. Is it possible to get a decent scholarship from these scores? If so, which colleges do you think I should apply to? Thank you.

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Here is a good site where you can input your SAT score and it gives the list of colleges which has accepted students of similar SAT scores in the past: http://www.collegesimply.com/. You can try it too.

However scores are just one part of the application. Your common app essay, your recommendation, your extra curricular activities play an important role too and these won’t be counted in when you search by the above link. So before you come up with your list you may want to consider other factors too (Rate of International Students acceptance, Rate of Aid to International Students, What kind of student the college wants- it varies depending upon the college and answers to these questions can only be found with your personal research.)

Good luck.

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