I am studying in BNKS and plan to study A-Levels. Should I continue in BNKS or should I look for other options?

Krishal Dhamala 6 Rep.

And I am not very sure about what I am going to study as well..

Prasanna Poudel answered
Prasanna Poudel 21 Rep.

It depends on what you want to get out of the 2 year programn, and also your personal preference, but for your cost/benefit analysis, I present you the following:


Pros of BNKS:

  • Indubitably outstanding in academics. The average changes from year to year but for instance, during our year (5000D) more than 75% of students got an A or A* in Physics, and in Further Mathematics, out of 30 people who took it, 10 – 17 students got A or better rest got B and only one student got C. You would definitely be below average if you got B in any of the science or math subjects and because the internal exams are kind of tough, you really don’t need to worry a lot about your final Cambridge grades (except for English).
  • Less expensive. Yes the fees increase each year but compared to other schools, it is fairly cheap.
  • Really really good surrounding. Enough said.
  • Highly qualified teachers. BNKS has teachers who are really experienced for instance, Mr. L.B. Rana (Further Mathematics), Mr. T.Ghimire (Physics), Mr. K. Khulal(Physics), Mr. R.Dawadi(Social Sciences) and almost all other teachers.
  • Lifelong friends of course
  • Consistently competitive college placements. Each year people have been going to Ivies and Ivy-like colleges and even placements inside Nepal like Pulchowk engineering and MBBS are fairly competitive.
  • Lots and lots and lots of Extracurriculars and clubs (17 student-run clubs I think)
  • Really well furnished labs (read no need to use mouth for pipette).
  • Alumni network is the strongest. We’ve got BNKS alumni all over the place from finance to government to diplomatic offices to media persons to singers.
  • Bhojpuri



  • Guidance Counselling sometimes frustrates you but to be fair it’s improved a lot
  • Advices on SATs and college applications sometimes falls short and you get confused.
  • May be difficult for some people to live in a boarding school away from home
  • Food? (I personally didn’t care that much)
  • The school allocates less scholarships to A-levels because it’s more expensive with exam fees and all


BNKS is among one of the best places you can be as a high school student and while I’m heavily biased in saying that, it’s true. Quality-wise you can hardly go up from schools like BNKS, Rato Bangla, etc but if it is between schools like these, I’ve come to believe that PCF is really good in BNKS, (further mathematics award is mostly always won by a BNKS student) and guidance counselling is more effective in Rato Bangla ON AVERAGE.

Prasanna Poudel answered
    vipasana 314 Rep.

    Hi Krishal. Parikshit mostly covered all that is unique to BNKS. From my experience, the teachers are dedicated to help students learn and grow. They held extra classes a few weeks before the CIE finals and were always available to answer any questions.

    Additionally, I don’t know any other school with the same variety of options for extra-curricular activities. And if you’re already a BNKS student, you get to experience extra-curricular from a different point of view as a post-SLC student!

    vipasana answered
      Parikshit Chalise 212 Rep.

      That is entirely your decision. However, no one who studied at BNKS would tell you to go elsewhere.

      You’ve got to understand that learning is more than just attending classes. Even so, academics in BNKS is amazing with highly qualified teachers, extremely bright classmates, and access to various resources.

      You wouldn’t get the fun of slack walk off to the dining hall to grab the finest pieces of butter bread and the biggest egg on the platter elsewhere. There is no other place in the world where you could exchange a rasbari with a glass of jhol. Sour lapsis. Fried rice. Chinese post football. Everything in BNKS is a legacy to be cherished.

      Being with friends you grew up with adds more to learning. Natural environment of BNKS is the best in the city, social closure in BNKS is inseparable. BNKS has most widespread and high achieving Alumni Network in the country. On top of all, BNKS is very cost efficient.

      This is a suggestion from a BNKS scholar, listen what others have to say as well.

      Study what you think you may enjoy the most, don’t start planning for the future yet. What you study in A-levels does not make much difference to what you will become later.

      Parikshit Chalise answered
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