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I am a grade 12 student and wondering if I am at a disadvantage studying HSEB over A-level? I am thinking of taking a gap year to improve my ECAs and scoring high on SATs. I used to participate in many ECAs during school time but unfortunately I don’t have the certificates so should I lose a year to improve it? I want to enroll in a good engineering university with full ride scholarship or should I complete my bachelors here in Nepal? .My academics are in a pretty decent shape (class 11:87.3%) and hoping to score equivalent in 12. I need a proper counselling to overcome this dilemma. Please help!

Bhushan Suwal answered
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  1. College admissions are more familiar with A-levels, but HSEB shouldn’t put you at a disadvantage. Do good on your SATs.
  2. I think nobody asks for certificates. If you have spent quality time on ECAs, do put them down. I had ECAs for which I had no certificates and I put them down. Taking a gap year for this sole reason, I don’t advise.
  3. “Should I complete my bachelors here in Nepal?” These are big decisions that I recommend you make yourself. Your HSEB scores look very good though, so you definitively look competitive in that aspect.

I hope that helps!

Bhushan Suwal answered


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