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I am currently doing my alevels.tara ma padne school ma past paper focused padai matrai hunxa.ma aafnai taarikale padna khojxu tara jaba teacher lai question sodhnu parxa,I dont get the answer that satisfies me.Internal assesments ma pani grade naramro aaudaixa.AS sakisakyo tara malai aafno style ma padda time pugirako xaina.Padai le gaarda malai manparne aaru activities ko lagi pani time pugeko xaina.(But the school offers nothing more than so called academics).There is no one to facilitate and give direction to me.I believe in myself tara overall environment nai milejasto lagdaina.What can I do now?I was thinking of changing the school and repeating AS again tara aaru school ma pani maile khoje jasto environment xa xaina thah bhayena.Bnks ra gandaki boarding school ma chahi hunasakxa ki?                                                           Pratikriyako apekshya sahit.

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It is good that you realise education is more about learning than studying. First,

  • Is everyone in your school in the similar position?
  • When you say you are not satisfied with your teacher’s response, does it mean they are under-qualified?
  • What is your ‘aafno style ko padhai’? Why don’t you have enough time?
  • Does school have no extra-curricular activities at all?
  • Is it that you are over-expecting or they are under-providing?

What happens in the classroom is not the only way you learn. If they give you past papers, do it; It helps you prepare for the exams. If you want to actually learn, you have to do the job. Ask. Discuss. Personally, I learn more from the discussions with my friends. Teachers, everywhere, are the same; they don’t always give you what you want.

If the problem is with the administration, gather with your friends and report it to proper people. It is important that people are aware of the problems. Talk & Solve.

Padai le gaarda malai manparne aaru activities ko lagi pani time pugeko xaina

This is the most important ‘bad thing’ for you. It is important that you solve this first. Never let anything disturb what you love doing. Extra-curricular activities are really important. If your school cannot provide much, do some volunteering during holidays.

Changing school or repeating AS is a big decision. I cannot help you there. I hope you figure out what could be best for you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to appreciate what you have. Enjoy little things. Try interesting things. Problems are meant to be solved. Take your time and focus on your bigger ambitions. Best of luck!

If you want to ask something specific, you can contact me in person.

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    Hello there,

    Parikshit has given a great answer to your answer. I just wanted to tell you that if you want to talk to somebody please feel free to contact me.

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