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I have still not decided what to do in future. My hobbies are playing games and surfing internet and listening music. I think I am eligible for both Medical and IT field. But which profession should I choose .i.e; doctor or a game developer. I came to know about this website from TED. Please help me!!!!!                                           Thanks a lot.🙂

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Hi Avi,

I am almost done with my A-levels, and I still don’t know what I am going to do in the future. So, Chill!

I have still not decided what to do in future

You needn’t have ‘still’ in your sentence. Because you are doing A-levels, you may be thinking of applying to US colleges for undergrads. American colleges are very flexible and you don’t need to be knowing anything about your profession until your Junior year.

If you study in Nepal, because you are doing Science and Maths, all doors are open.

I think I am eligible for both Medical and IT field

Yes, you are. You could even go for engineering if you wanted to; And hey, anyone can go for finance and accounts. There are always a lot of options. Things may change later, don’t just put medicine and IT in your list. The world outside has a lot more than what you actually think it has.

I am not able to even sleep properly

Because you said you like listening to music, try these.

My family is financially sound

That is great! If nothing works out, enjoy their dough. LOL

Everything said, please do not worry much about future. Well done for getting into BNKS, make the most out of it. Life is not all about making your future great, it is more about making your present great so that you have something to think about in the future. Knowing that you are going to study IT and design some cool AI is great, but waking up without knowing what is going to happen later is the next level.

Best of luck for everything! Enjoy the Chicken Days!

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    Great discussion so I decided to jump in.

    1. I have still not decided what to do in future

    Future is not in your hands. if you know your future, then you are not one among us.

    Since you have just finished your high school, I strongly suggest you devote some time in understanding your interests. Why are you interested in developing games? Will you continue loving it after many years? Have you tried exploring other interests already?

    TRAVEL. Know your country’s diversity, its people. What is lacking. That could give you some inspiration. May be youths in our country want to play games and maybe they have ideas of what kind of games they want to play. By meeting new people and being in a new surrounding, you will understand more about yourself and your interests. So I would suggest Travel. Travelling can be of various forms- you can find game developers around the country and travel to meet them, hear their experiences. Or, you can simply travel, see and understand more about the lives of people in the country. May be there you can spot things that you are more passionate about.

    Don’t decide on a future yet, this is the best time to:


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      Hey Avi, as Parikshit mentioned, don’t worry too much about it now. I am almost going to graduate from college and I still don’t have concrete ideas about what I want to do in the future. It’s okay not to know.

      However, I would encourage you to involve in certain projects that you might enjoy. You said you might want to develop games. Watch online videos and try to teach yourself to design and develop games. This might help you figure out whether or not you enjoy developing games.

      One of the best ways to find out whether or not you like something is to try it. So, explore various opportunities and involve in projects that help you explore areas that you enjoy.

      Best of luck. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions feel free to ask a follow up question here or feel free to reach me via FB.

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