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I am going to apply to universities through CommonApp, but there is this university that do not accept application through CommonApp. Furthermore, this U require us to submit our transcript to World Education Service(WES) for evaluation. I came across such requirement for the first time, and I have no any idea about it.

I am seeking for a detailed information about WES: cost, duration of evaluation, and so on. Do we have to send our original mark-sheets for this evaluation? Also, do we need to pay to WES to send our evaluated result to  every institution just like TOEFL and SAT? Transcript from what academic level is evaluated by WES? If our transcript is submitted by WES do we need to submit the first two documnets suggested by Bidit dai here: http://collegesodhpuch.com/home/question/how-to-prepare-my-application-without-a-gc

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I think the link provided by Keshar answers all your questions except the last one. The answer to the last one: If you are applying through commonapp those extra two documents would have already been uploaded because other universities may require them. If in doubt, I would suggest you to send those documents too or you could email the university concerned. Better to be safe then sorry. And I see that getting your documents evaluated by WES seems expensive. So, consider your options here.

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    Keshar dai thank you for the link, but still all my questions are not answered there. Please connect me to someone who had had his/her transcript evaluated by WES ASAP.

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      This has the best and the most reliable answers to your questions.


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