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I would like to go to Stanford university for Stanford because they have good engineering which is what I love, plus they have good non-sciences which is like my hobby too, and there are so many other reasons which I don’t like to discuss here.

But my problem is, though Stanford has need based financial aid program, as I read in many forums they would rarely give substantial aid to us. During their admission procedures, they give preference to those who can pay than to the one who asks for financial aid. And there are cases when students are receiving financial aid, you would either need to be 1 in million or you should be from African country.

Is this all correct? If so, as a Nepalese student what should I do to get into stanford? And I would love to hear from you the emails of brothers or sisters who have been to stanford for their undergrad.

Thank you

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I did not go to Stanford for undergrad but I was accepted by them under full financial aid. Stanford’s general acceptance rate in 2016 was 4.69% and only 8.9% of those students were international students. So, it is indeed very competitive but that does not mean that you should shun from applying. Stanford is need-blind to domestic students but need-based to internationals. But despite these statistics and facts, students from Nepal manage to get into Stanford almost every year under partial/full financial aid.

Putting all that aside, there is a great deal of competition for sure. But, you should follow your dreams. If you are very passionate about going to Stanford then you should apply. It is going to be hard to get into any elite or good schools but in the end it comes to what you want with your life and how you engineer it!

Best of luck with the application process!

Answer Written by Surya Tripathi. Currently he is studying in MIT but he was accepted in Stanford as well. 

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