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I had applied ED2 to St. Olaf College but I recently received an email saying that I was deferred. Should that be good news or bad news for me since I’ve read online that a deferral is an almost rejection. Or, did they defer me to consider me with rest of the Nepali applicant pool?

Should I send in any supplemental articles likes essays to boost my chances? Should I send a letter saying that I am still interested?

Is there any Nepali at St. Olaf who was deferred but then, accepted?


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

samip paudel answered
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Hey, looking at cc I think a student has already been admitted to St Olaf. There might be less chances for deferred students to get in. However, I have heard some stories before that students have got in even after their deferred decision. Be optimistic but also set aside other plans.

samip paudel answered
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    Harsh truth, brother. Although its as good as a rejection, do not lose hope entirely. Just send them a note stating that you’re still interested and how you have been improving (if so) during the application season.

    I personally do not know of such candidates. But I do know that last year tons of Nepalese applicants were deferred, and I am pretty sure none of those got in.

    Note: Try NOT to send an essay unless it really highlights your recent achievements – recent meaning after you sent the application to St Olaf.

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