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Saurav Adhikari 66 Rep.

Basically we are a family of five members. My father works abroad. He is employed by a certain group and he recevies benefits: bedroom apartment, medical insurance, duty meals, laundry.

However, 4 of our family members live here in Nepal and we have to pay for our living. houses,food,clothes,etc , separately. The benefits received by my father( only for him) is not directly applicable to us here in Nepal.

The question on the CSS Profile is:Enter the amount of housing, food and other living allowances your parents received from their employer(s) or other sources in 2015. Include cash payments and cash value of benefits. Do not include any amount here you have already reported.

Do I report the benefits received by my father here even though it is not applicable to the rest of the family? Do colleges understand it?

Saurav Adhikari answered
Saurav Adhikari 66 Rep.

Well,I emailed few financial aid officers and I got mixed responses. Some told me not to add and most of them told me to add it and explain the situation in ES. I asked USEF about it. They told me that I should include it and explain my situation in the Profile. So, I included the benefits and explained my situation in the Explanations/Special Circumstances(ES) section and sent it to my ED College.

Thank you for your answer.

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    Krishna Gaire 2.39K Rep.

    I don’t think that you should include those benefits. However, I would suggest you to email a university and ask their opinion. Sorry that we do not have a straight forward answer to this.

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