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ohboy1519 27 Rep.

Hello. I was recently contacted by alumni from a couple of universities for interviews. Is this common in Nepal, or can I get my hopes up a little? 😉

Also, I reckon a Skype interview would be the best way to go. Do you guys think a Vianet 15mbps connection could hold up for a smooth interview?

Thank you!

Siddhant Agrawal ✓ answered
Siddhant Agrawal ✓ 26 Rep.

If the alum reached out to you (and you did not request for an interview), it’s a good sign. Interviews offered to Nepali students are usually selective in the case of most of the colleges.

I think using a laptop would be more appropriate. Just make your interviewer aware of the possibility of a power outage or internet connection disruption. Tell them that you would do your best to make it smooth but in case something unfortunate happens, request them to reach out to you on your cell phone/landline.

Siddhant Agrawal ✓ answered
    ohboy1519 27 Rep.

    Thanks for the quick reply Aashish! However, I’m a bit unsure about using a mobile for the interview? Won’t it look a bit unprofessional?

    ohboy1519 answered
      Aashish Dev 26 Rep.

      I don’t think that you will have a problem with a 15 mbps internet connection. Better use your mobile for the interview; it will be smoother.

      Aashish Dev answered
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