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I paid for the December SAT Subject tests via Nabil Bank’s online payment booth in Durbar Marg. It was a late registration. I received an email from College Board a few days back stating that the balance was due because the credit card was declined and if I don’t pay the amount immediately, my account will be frozen. Online payment is not an option and apparently I have to fax them the credit card details or send them a check/ money order. Nabil Bank refused to send their credit card details and I don’t have an international credit card.

What should I do?




Deepak Shah answered
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It appears like a spam to me. There is no site as “collegeboard.com.” There is “collegeboard.org” and note that the link contains “http” instead of “https:” which is what collegeboard uses.

I checked the link http://www.collegeboard.com/prod_downloads/cc_payment_form.pdf and I do think it is a way to collect your credit card information to steal money.

Few things that you should look into:

  1. What is the email address you received the email from?
  2. Find collegeboard email from the actual website and confirm if that is really the case.
  3. Don’t fill this form and don’t worry. Rather email and explain everything to college board in the email.
Deepak Shah answered
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