Certificate of Finances

stressedhopeful 76 Rep.

I came across a confusion while filling the Certificate of Finance Statement. Please help me out.

“What are the sources and amounts of support to you during the summer?”

What do I mention here? I don’t think I will get a substantial amount from my family for the entire summer, so what other options can I mention?

stressedhopeful answered
stressedhopeful 76 Rep.

Thank you very much.

stressedhopeful answered
    Aashwin_Basnet ✓ 221 Rep.

    You can clearly mention your intention to do summer research/internship/REUs, etc. or on campus jobs. A typical student in my college earns around $4k-5k doing on-campus jobs over the summer and it is more than enough to sustain life here. I guess what you need to avoid saying is you will work somewhere outside the campus. Maybe someone else has other opinion on this.

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