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While making a college list, is the campus setting (rural/urban/suburban) a factor that should be seriously considered? How much difference will be the places economically? Which is good?

Dais/Didis studying in the US, can you please explain ?

Deepak Shah answered
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Campus Setting is indeed an important factor.

Do you like to live in a large city or a rural village?

Do you like to party all night and drink at pubs or Do you rather want a quiet place?

Will you have a car or Do you plan to use public transportation?

These are important questions to consider. If you like quiet rural areas with not many public transportations, choose colleges located in rural settings. Check Google maps and see what big cities are close to the college and that will help you decide.

Deepak Shah answered
    Krishna Gaire 2.39K Rep.

    I think you should consider a campus setting as one of the major factor for making a college list. Campus setting is one of the least talked about but very important factor. Being in a rural setting may be a lot cheaper in terms of fooding and lodging. However, being in a urban setting can be more easy to get part time or full time jobs, have access to lots of fun activities in the city, easy to move around (better if an international airport is nearby)[this could be very important as public transport is almost non-existent in rural America], most probably will have a small Nepali community. The article HERE also might be helpful.

    Krishna Gaire answered
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