Bsc(hons) software engineering colleges in nepal?

Nishchal Ghimire 6 Rep.

I want to study software engineering but the course offered by PU is not what i want. I want a course focused on software and the course provided by PU has physics and maths in it .
I found a college in which the course module was satisfying . NAMI has bsc(hons) software engineering but i wanted to know if any other colleges provide the exact same course provided my NAMI .

Prabhat Giri answered
Prabhat Giri 240 Rep.

Hi bhai,

There few colleges in Nepal which provide the type of course you are looking for. The college are

  • NAMI
  • British College
  • Islington

I am currently studying at NAMI. The course is good. If you want to know more there are few other similar question that I have already answered. Please do make use of the search feature and if you dont find them or want to know more, feel free to contact me.

Prabhat Giri answered
    Bhushan Suwal 536 Rep.

    Not an answer to your question, but just a heads up:

    Prepare to do a lot of math if you want to study software! There are a lot of proofs in algorithms classes.

    Bhushan Suwal answered
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