Being a Muslim student should i apply?

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Hy Everyone,

I am a Muslim student studying in kathmandu and yes i am a nepali, who is planning to apply in US universities next year. I heard that Trump , a muslim protestor, is going to enact some rules and regulations for Muslims who is entering in US. I have read articles in which Muslims student’s visas are delayed , they are humiliated after the arrival in US airports by the officers by making them wait for several hours , Actually this is only a part for Muslim being humiliated I guess.

Dear all, is this true? Should I apply in US for my higher studies ? Are muslims respected? At the same time what I think is I am from Nepal so it should not be that much difficult for me being a muslim and applying for universities and visas.

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That is if you are from a place like Iraq, Syria, or the countries in the middle east, where the ISIS is located, and that is just a proposal from which he is already backing out of. If you read the first amendment of the US, it says that discrimination based on religion is not tolerated, so he will face some criticism if he goes through his campaign promises, but if he manages to do it as well, get in as soon as you can! Haha, if you are in, you wont be kicked out! Also, on your application, they dont ask if you are a muslim or christian, its just a phobia people have especially from Nepal, which is predominantly a Hindu country. You are as likely as at any time to be selected to the university of your choice, given your grades and extracurricular.

It is Obama who is in power right now, dont listen to rumors, they are false. America is a free country with diverse opinions, and like any country there are a few rotten potatoes. But, Americans are much more open minded, trust!

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